Secure Content NEXT

Discover Secure Content NEXT, the ultimate tool for safeguarding sensitive data within your Confluence Cloud team. With our SecureContent AddOn, effortlessly organize text-based content such as passwords, keys, and identifiers while ensuring top-notch security. Unlock the full potential of your team with built-in generators for creating passwords, keys, and identifiers, streamlining your workflow securely.

You can position the Secure Content AddOn somewhere on your page. Multiple times per page is also possible. Your sensitive data is hidden by default and can be unlocked by the user when clicking the “Unlock”-button. The unlocked content is automatically locked again after 30 seconds of inactivity to protect your data.

Keywords: password manager, secrets, sensitive data, secret generation, passwords, keys, identifiers, generators


Here, you can find a Secure Content NEXT Demo.



The locked secured content.


Secured content in View Mode











Secure Content was one of the first AddOns we developed as Atlassian started with Confluence Cloud years ago. Since then, Atlassian's Cloud technology has been greatly changed and optimized. Also, our development teams at gained way more experience regarding Atlassian Cloud products during that time.

We aim to provide you with top-quality products on security, reliability, and usability products. With Secure Content NEXT, we brought the AddOn to the next level to provide maximum data safety.

Key changes in NEXT include:

  • Migration to Atlassian Secure Storage

    • Usage of Atlassian’s native secure storage

    • Usage of Atlassian’s native encryption/decryption approaches

  • Migration to Atlassian Forge

    • Compliance with the latest Atlassian security and product standards

    • Native integration of the AddOn with the Atlassian Cloud

  • Hosting migration from Google Coud to Atlassian hosting

    • Data residency

    • Native Integration

Secure Content NEXT is the next generation of Secure Content.

Although visually identically, Secure Content NEXT is a step change in technology…

Migration to NEXT

Secure Content NEXT technology and encryption methods are incompatible with the prior ones. We did this intentionally to focus on uncompromising product quality and safety. Particularly in the context of this AddOn; we didn’t want to make any compromises.

For migration from Secure Content to Secure Content NEXT, please install the new AddOn additionally on your Confluence Cloud instance. Once done, please go through all your pages, place the AddOn in the appropriate places, and copy the content manually from the prior AddOn version to NEXT.

We will provide you with a free version of Secure Content NEXT during migration time. Please reach out to our Support to request the free version.




How are SSH-Keys generated?

For the SSH-KEY generation, we are using the node-forge library ( ).

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