Secret Generator

Generate passwords, identifiers, and keys quickly and securely. The Secret Generator AddOn can be positioned somewhere on your page - even multiple times per page. The AddOn assists you and your team create secure passwords, identifiers, timestamps, and SSH Keys.

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Here, you can find a Secret Generator Demo.


Update Note

We migrated the Secret Generator from Atlassian Connect to Atlassian Forge. Forge is Atlassian’s latest development platform, providing a step change regarding system integration, security, functionality, and reliability. More details about Atlassian Forge can be found here.

Unfortunately, the update from Atlassian Connect to Atlassian Forge does not work seamlessly. After the update, the message “Error loading the extension!“ appears. This is because we had to use a different Macro-Framework. You can quickly fix this error by deleting and re-inserting the Secret Generator AddOn. This is a pure visualization issue and has no impact on your data.



Password Generator
Identifier Generator

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Feature List

Here is a list of major features coming with the SecureContent AddOn:

  • Generation of secure passwords

  • Generation of Identifiers (UUIDs and timestamps)

  • Generation of SSH Key Pairs

  • Download SSH keys as files


Technical Description

You can position the Secret Generator AddOn somewhere on your page. Multiple times per page is also possible. All secrets are generated on the client side directly in your browser. So they have never left your local machine during generation.



  • Password Generator: What means ‘EasyToSay’, ‘EasyToRead’, ‘All Characters’?
    'EasyToSay' uses only upper- and lower-case letters to make the generated password easy to read. ‘EasyToRead' uses all characters but ambiguous ones. Characters looking similar e. g. ‘1’ and ‘I’, or ‘0’ and ‘0’ are excluded from the character pool in the 'EasyToRead' mode. 'All Characters ’ includes all characters to generate your password.

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