JSON describing the Docs Repository

The following is a sample of JSON which describes a complete Docs Repository. You can request this JSON by using the Docs REST Interface. The sample above defines two categories ("Clover-Reports" and "JavaDocs") plus a set of documents spread up in these two categories. Each category item contains an attribute "name" plus the list of the containing documents. A document item is defined by its name as well as the attributes "entrancePoint" and "lastModified". Whereas the attribute "entrancePoint" defines the first page of the documentation, the attribute "lastModified" is not used yet.

{ "categories": [ { "docs": [ { "name": "JDFLibJ", "lastModified": 0, "entrancePoint": "index.html" } ], "name": "Clover-Reports" }, { "docs": [ { "name": "JDFLibJ 2.1.4a.74", "lastModified": 0, "entrancePoint": "index.html" }, { "name": "JDFLibJ 2.1.4a.75", "lastModified": 0, "entrancePoint": "index.html" }, { "name": "JDFLibJ 2.1.4a.76", "lastModified": 0, "entrancePoint": "index.html" }, { "name": "JDFLibJ", "lastModified": 0, "entrancePoint": "index.html" }, { "name": "JDFLibJ", "lastModified": 0, "entrancePoint": "index.html" }, { "name": "JDFLibJ", "lastModified": 0, "entrancePoint": "index.html" } ], "name": "JavaDocs" } ] }