Migration to Docs 2.x

Docs 2.0 comes with great new features such as the integrated search engine as well as a total new internal core structure. The changes in structure has been required due to the open issues in the issue tracker. This update is the basis for the highly discussed "permission" feature request.

Unfortunately, this update breaks some APIs so that you have to migrate your infrastructure on some points. We discussed a lot about keeping the old APIs, but this would have negative affect on future versions. In order to ensure stability in future we decided to do this API modifications as soon as possible.

You can downgrade the plugin at each time as long as you haven't upgraded the repositoy. However, if you want to see a product demo first, feel free to watch the new Youtube Video here: https://youtu.be/iHJRdzhd8HA


API Changes

For API Changes please check the https://ricebean-net.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SUPPORT/pages/52068543 . On the page, you will find the documentation of the new API as well as updated samples of how to use it.


Downgrade Docs Plugin

You can downgrade the plugin at any time as long as you didn't trigger the manual upgrade process. Just uninstall the new version and reinstall your former version (e. g. 1.8.1). If you already did the upgrade you will have to reset your repository first (see next chapter).


Repository Reset

If you want to reset your entire repository, you can do this by removing all files in the "docs-repository" folder. You can find the folder in the confluence home directory.