REST Interface V1 (deprecated)


Up from Docs Version 2.x this REST Interface is not longer supported. Please see  !!

Quickstart: REST Upload

Besides the manual organization of your documentations, Docs also provides a REST interface in order to automate the publishing process. This feature enables you to keep your documents easily up to date. For example, you can include document publishing in your Continuous Integration process.

REST URL for uploading packaged (-javadoc.jar / .zip) docs:

Method: PUT URL: /rest/docs/1.0/repository/{categroy}/{docname}

In order to upload new documentation, you can PUT *-javadoc.jar files or other zipped HTML and javascript-based documentation against this URL. Each documentation requires an "index.htm" or "index.html" file as the main entry point.

If the category or docName doesn't exist, the server will create a new category or docName during the upload process. In case the docName does already exist, the documentation is going to be overwritten.

CURL Sample

Here is a simple command-line call on how to upload the Javadoc "JDFLibJ-" to Docs. The confluence installation is available under "". You need to be authenticated when uploading new doc archives. Curl provides the parameter "-u {username}:{password}" in order to become authenticated.

curl -u username:password --upload JDFLibJ-

Watch the CURL-Upload Video:


Python Script

You can also use python in order to publish your documentation. The following is a sample of a python script:

import sys import base64 import httplib import urllib # get params category = sys.argv[1] docName = sys.argv[2] docFile = sys.argv[3] username = "username" password = "password" # server authentication auth = base64.encodestring('%s:%s' % (username, password)).replace('\n', '') headers = {"X-Atlassian-Token": "nocheck", "Authorization": "Basic %s" % auth, "Content-Type": "application/json"} #upload doc category = urllib.quote(category, '') docName = urllib.quote(docName, '') conn = httplib.HTTPSConnection("") conn.request("PUT", "/rest/docs/1.0/repository/" + category + "/" + docName, open(docFile, "rb"), headers) response = conn.getresponse() conn.close() # finished... print response.status print "-----" print response.reason

Finally, the corresponding command-line call for executing the python script:


Full REST Interface

The following is a list of all supported REST calls.

Get Repository Details

Returns a JSON object representing the menu structure of the docs repository.


Upload Doc

Uploads a new documentation zip/jar archive under the defined category.


Create Category

Create a new category (menu item) in the docs repository.


Rename Doc

Rename a doc in the docs repository.


Delete Document

Remove a specific document from the docs repository.


Delete Category

Remove a specific category including all containing docs from the docs repository.